Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I use Virgil’s Blends? All my products are for external use only and designed to be used everywhere external except your eyes. (I have gotten salve I my eyes a few times and it makes them blurry for about five to ten minutes, yet I have never experienced any discomfort, just frustration due to the blurriness.)

What does it do?  Helps condition, replenish, and act as a barrier between your skin and everything else.

How does it work? The oil absorbs into your skin carrying the value of the infused herbs with it. Bees wax provides a lasting micro thin barrier on your skin without clogging your pours.  

How do you know it works? My firsthand experience is abundant with examples, also my daughters, extended family, my friends, friends of friends, and friends of family have provided me with their experiences to share.

Why a 1 for 1? My middle daughter Morgan inspired this, and when I realized that with a little extra effort (ok a lot of extra effort) I could do this while keeping my prices at market, it was a no brainer. The concept was really driven home after experiencing frost bite on most on my face one year and using salve as a barrier from the cold the next year. The result was an incredible feeling of protection from the cold weather, I then reflected on the faces of people I had met and observed while living in the SF Bay area and wondered how a homeless person exposed to the elements 24/7 would feel if they had the same level of comfort.

How do you make sure your gifting gets to the people that really need it? My thought on this is the clinicians’ that serve the homeless and economically challenged have the best first-hand knowledge of the people that can make best use of Virgil’s Blends? So, I started reaching out and found my first places to make donations.

How can I be sure you are really gifting as you say? Transparency is very important to me especially as I am a bit skeptic of donations getting to where they supposed to, so I plan to take a photo or short video of myself while making the donations and posting them on my FB and website.

Where do you make donations? Initially, I’ll start in my own backyard and grow from there. Tracking where my orders come from will dictate the direction of future gifting. Do you know of a shelter or group in need? Please contact us! 

How do you determine the amount you gift? At least 50% of all I produce will be gifted, 70% of that will go to clinics, 10% to Veterans, 10% to survivors of domestic abuse, and 10% to what ever I notice as a worthy cause.

How did you choose the gift recipients’? Clinics serve a part of the population that have the greatest exposure and lease resources. Veterans and Domestic abuse survivors are a big part of my early years and will always have a special place in my heart. The what ever I notice part is because people fall between the cracks every day and when I notice the need I am going to react. 

How and why did you choose the name Virgil’s Blends? My heritage consists of pioneers, farmers, and more recently small business people. During my research I noticed that most salves had family names, and when nothing else felt right I realized the research and formulas were my blends, Virgil’s Blends.

Why did you create Virgil’s Blends? Initially, it was created to replace the salve I inherited from Grandma Dickson.