A Letter from Virgil

Virgil’s Blends was created out of necessity and morphed to serve the greater good. 

 Improving the quality of life for others is the highest leverage I can achieve with my time and resources.

At Virgil’s Blends we believe that giving back and growing our social concise is just as important as producing the highest quality product we are able. That is why for every product purchased, Virgil’s Blends provides an equal amount of the same product to a person or family less able.

To Pay It Forward, I actively reach out to clinics that serve the Homeless, economically challenged, Veterans, and others as the clinicians know their needs better than most.

When you feel the comfort of Virgil’s Blends, you can feel even better knowing you are providing the same comfort to another person that may have no other means of access. 

Setting a good example, and inspiring other business to use the power of commerce to do good works, making it possible for individuals and groups be more socially active without increasing their cost of living. Years of R&D helps me create my own formulas, building my own lab, self-funding, finding very good mentors, being around caring people encouraging me, paying it forward, and transparency are all huge in the creating affordable Virgil’s Blends products, and organic compassion is the driver that will make it all come together.

My Mission is large and long term, to supply three products to every person in need per year.

Thank you for your support and compassion,