Thoughtful, Organic Products that Heal

Organic Compassion

Our Mission at Virgil’s Blends is to provide thoughtful, organic products that heal the body, and promote compassion by providing these same products to those who otherwise have little or no access to them. Organic compassion is more than flowers and dirt. It is a grassroots movement to bring more kindness to the world.

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Our business model: Best for the World.  For every tin purchased, one would be gifted to free health clinics that support the homeless, economically challenged, domestic abuse victims and survivors, and veterans. When you purchase Virgil’s Blends, you join our mission.

I love that all the ingredients are natural and nourishing. The consistency is light, not too greasy, but thick enough to heal cracked skin. The scent is lovely, reminiscent of honey.

Autumn D., Chicago

It's important to my family that we use body care products with simple, whole ingredients. I used this balm on my child's patches of dry skin, even on his face, as well as on my hands. Unlike some products that take forever (or never) blend into the skin, this product absorbed more quickly, had a pleasant texture and scent, and seemed to help our skin.

Natalie O. Chicago, IL

I sleep on my stomach, which means I struggle with acne on my cheeks every summer when it’s hot and I sweat all night. Over the years I’ve learned to accept it because washing my face with soap doesn’t alleviate the issue. But recently I started using Virgil’s salve, and within two days my acne cleared up completely. If I skip my daily application I can count on acne the next day, but if I remain diligent in my routine application I know my face will be clear and my self-confidence soaring! Thanks to Virgil’s blend!!

Nick P.

A True 1 for 1 Company

At Virgil’s Blends, we believe that giving back and making a difference is just as important as the quality of our products. That’s why for every single product purchased, we give an equal amount of our product to important works

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